Best TOW TRUCK team in CARINDALE, hands down

We provide the quickest, friendliest, and most caring towing service in the Carindale region of Brisbane. Tow Truck’s Brisbane are a family-operated business dedicated to ensuring that you and your vehicle are okay in the unfortunate event of a breakdown or accident.

Carindale is located 10km east from the Brisbane CBD. Westfield Carindale is the largest Westfield in Queensland.

We have a Carindale-focused towing service system that ensures that when you call us to tow your vehicle, we will always be first on the job, as opposed to coming from some far away destination like Indooroopilly.

Reliable, Quick, and Cost-Effective

We pride ourselves on providing the most time and cost-effective tow truck service in the Carindale region. We don’t see you as a monetary figure, we see you as a person who has experienced an unfortunate incident in either a breakdown or accident. We will always be first on the job and are coming to your location from the area the unfortunate event occurred in – this is our guarantee. 

Fully-Qualified and Insured Drivers

Tow Truck’s Brisbane take great pride in ensuring that we train our drivers to be the most efficient they can be. They are fully-licenced and their truck smash and load-insured. We are experienced in towing all makes of vehicle – cars, boats, motorbikes, we have experience in dealing with most forms of transport. We don’t take any helicopters though, sorry.

Family Owned and Operated

We are proudly family-based, owned, and operated. Given that this is the case, we recognise the human side of the event of an accident or breakdown primarily. We want to ensure that the driver and passengers are in good physical and mental condition after the event of an accident, and we strive to make our service as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Pride in Our Fleet

The team at Tow Truck’s Brisbane place a great emphasis on keeping our vehicles in check. We ensure that they are clean, aesthetically sound, and in great mechanical condition before setting out to provide our towing service.

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