cheap and reliable TOW TRUCK service, MT GRAVATT

Brisbane Tow Truck’s are the leading provider in accident towing in the Mt Gravatt region. We have an extensive fleet of trucks at the ready to pick you and your vehicle up in a safe, reliable, and cost-effective manner.

Mt Gravatt is a beautifully leafy suburb of Brisbane located just 10km from the CBD. The quickest way to Mt Gravatt from Brisbane is usually straight up the Pacific Motor way and take the Mt Gravatt exit.

Quick and Cost-Efficient

We are Mt Gravatt’s leading towing service and we are known for providing a service that is cheap, reliable, and cost-effective. We are also extremely quick, we understand that the last thing you want to be doing after an accident is sitting on the side of the road, late at night, waiting for your driver to eventually show his face.

A Family Run Business that is Fully Qualified and Insured

We ensure our clients that all our fleet are smash insured and that the loads we take on are also fully insured. Our drivers are well-trained and fully-licenced, and we ensure peace of mind for our clients that we haven’t skipped out on any of the admin stuff.

We cover all requests for towing, this even includes boats. We also deal with all sizes and makes of car and motorbikes and our experience in dealing with breakdowns and accidents means that we are equipped to deal with whatever you have found yourself on the side of the road in.

Pride in Being Family Owned

We take great pride in the fact that we are family-owned and operated business. This means that we take a more human-focused approach to our towing service and look at you the person before you the driver. We care about your safety and comfort, and we are fully empathetic to the fact that sometimes accidents happen and that, essentially, no one is safe to the troubles driving can arise.

We Take Good Care of Our Fleet

The team at Tow Truck’s Brisbane love and take great pride in our trucks. We kept them in top aesthetic and mechanical order when not on the road and believe that the best towing service begins with the quality of the truck and the person driving it.

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